10 Breakfast Hacks to Kickstart Your Day

Make sure to parcook your potatoes for breakfast before you fry them.

Add vegetables to your eggs and salad that you have left over.

When you want to give your pancake or waffle recipe a boost, try using seltzer water.

Boost the amount of protein in your oatmeal by including an egg in it.

If you want a breakfast sandwich that is perfectly wrapped, you should try the viral tortilla hack.

As an alternative to extract, you can use vanilla beans in your French toast.

Bring your stale cereal back to life by placing it in the oven.

Your vegetables should be layered into the quiche first.

A sheet pan can be used in place of a griddle to bake a large quantity of pancakes.

Forks, rather than knives, should be used to cut your English muffins into slices.

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