7 Things You Should Hide Before Having Guests Over

You should probably put these stuff away before your next gathering.

"Creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere will instantly make your guests feel comfortable in your home," Melahaus advises, and we couldn't agree more.

"Understanding your guest, and considering their well-being and preferences, will only help you create a better experience for them,"

"In staging, for example, we aim to think about our 'target market' in order to accommodate and appeal to the people who visit."

When deciding whether to put something away before guests arrive, ask yourself, "Would this item start a conversation that I'm not willing to have?" If the answer is yes, save it—as is frequently the case with personal prescriptions. 

1. Personal Medication

To begin with, if you have children over, keeping drugs or smokes visible can be a serious safety concern, especially since adults are not always present to supervise.

2. Drugs/Cigarettes

An organized area correlates to a happy and organized head, and if unneeded clutter bothers you, it will most likely bother your guests as well. 

3. Extraneous Clutter

The weather outside is dreadful, and your guests will most likely be dressed to the nines when they enter your warm, comforting home. Do you really expect them to stay in their cold coats all night? Get rid of that hallway closet or coat rack!

4. Coats and Jackets

"Hosting entails more than just serving someone drinks and eating them. "Good hospitality includes understanding how your home decor and other items in your space will make a guest feel," Caldwell adds.

5. Contentious Posters/Art

Of course, you adore your pet(s), and your visitors are likely to adore them as well. However, no one wants to spend the night treading on Fido's chew toys and bones.

6. Pet Toys and Accessories

This one may not apply to you if you have totally committed to a paperless existence. However, if you've recently received personal mail that may provoke an unpleasant conversation or gaze, it's best to keep it out of sight—in a place you'll remember.

7. Bills and personal correspondence

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