As Sagittarius Season Begins, Three Zodiac Signs Are Especially Fortunate In Love.

This coming week, November 20–26, 2023, is going to be crucial to our success or failure because it is jam-packed with difficult transits that have the potential to push a delicate couple over the edge. 

But we have enough on our side to prove to those naughty transits just what kind of people we are. We're not going to give up easily!

Thankfully, that altercation won't occur between lovers. Since we are aware of what is right, in reality, we will be resisting the urge to do anything less than what is right.

Is it not common knowledge that one should always make the correct decision? That raises the issue of decision-making and how we'll be selecting the best ones the

The transiting Moon sextile Jupiter, the start of Sagittarius, and the transiting Moon come to the aid of three zodiac signs this week. 

You, an Aries, begin to feel more purposeful in your approach to love as Sagittarius season draws near. This is a great week to discuss taking your relationship with someone you currently know to the next level if you are thinking about doing so.

1. Aries 

You feel particularly special about this week, November 20,–26, 2023, because the root causes of the issues that have harmed your romantic relationship have been resolved. This almost certainly indicates that you and your spouse have both been freed from a heavy financial or emotional load in some way.

2. Virgo 

For you, these final days of Scorpio season are filled with joy and passion. They prepare your romantic life for an even more blissful Sagittarius Sun season, which begins on November 22 for you.

3. Sagittarius 

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