Based on what you see first, this optical illusion will reveal your mental age.

Optical illusions are images of objects, people, or drawings that change shape and confound the brain's perception of the world. 

There are numerous types of optical illusions, including cognitive, physiological, and physical illusions.

According to research, optical illusions are a type of psychoanalysis that reveals information about how you perceive the world. 

 A typical human brain is capable of viewing objects or images from a variety of perspectives, resulting in a variety of perceptions.

And today we have a personality test for you that will determine your mental age based on the first thing you see. Are you prepared? Let's get started! 

Did you picture a young woman or an old man first when you took this personality test? 

Your mental age is determined by what you see first. 

When we say "mental age," we do not mean sluggishness or intelligence. 

Mental age in this context refers to how you perceive the world, whether as a young child or as an elderly person. 

If you saw the old man first  It indicates that you have mature thinking if you saw the old man first. You've travelled the globe, gone through its highs and lows, and developed a realistic perspective on the world. 

If you saw the young man first  You must still be a child at heart if you were able to recognise the young girl in the illusion. You still have a child's sense of wonder about the world. 

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