Eight Recipes for Light Desserts.

We at Delish firmly believe in the proverb "treat yo'self.

" However, we completely understand that sometimes you need to reduce your intake of sugar, carbs, or gluten for health reasons.

you may simply want to eat a little less after a holiday season filled with cookie exchanges, eggnog, and overall joy-seeking.

In such case, we firmly think there are lots of light (and very simple!) dessert recipes that will allow you to feel your best while still feeling .

as like you're enjoying the occasional indulgence. 

Fortunately, whatever of your objective, we have 25 ways for you to indulge without ruining your healthy eating plan.

Upon closer examination, carrot cake dip is essentially a salad.

The easiest and most delicious light desserts, in our humble view, are also the ones that showcase nature's confections: 

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