Latest on Aaron Rodgers' recovery: QB could return regardless of Jets' playoff chances

According to Fox's Jay Glazer, Rodgers could return from his torn Achilles regardless of the Jets' playoff hopes.

"He's going to be back here in New York and he's going to be back all week next week with the Jets as well," Glazer. 

My initial assessment was that Aaron Rodgers would likely not return if they were out of the playoffs. This week, that changed.

"Aaron, even if they're out, wants to prove he recovered faster from the Achilles tear than most quarterbacks. Aaron isn't saying, "I need to show all the Aaron Rodgers, run all over the place." 

A beautiful small circle to protect me. Aaron Rodgers, attempting to speed up when he returns."

Robert Saleh termed Aaron Rodgers' rumored plans to return to practice on Dec. 2 a “moot point” unless doctors give him approval.

"I'll be honest, I'm talking to Aaron all the time about life and football and all that good stuff, but until he's cleared by doctors, guys, it's a moot point and I haven't gotten any indication otherwise,"

“I love that he’s working hard, I think it shows his character,” Saleh said. “I've said it before, he's trying to get back to this football team as soon as possible.

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