LSU is in financial jeopardy despite Angel Reese's accomplishment and the NCAA Championship.

The Lady Tigers have serious financial problems.

The Lady Tigers, led by Angel Reese, have suffered back-to-back losses following a disastrous season debut. 

 This has hampered Kim Mulkey's title hopes, reflecting adversely on the team's performance.

The financial component has also loomed over LSU's campaign, with the athletic department reporting a large deficit.

Despite last year's victory, which was the highest-scoring championship game in NCAA women's basketball history, the Tigers are now under investigation.

The team's financial difficulties have surfaced, with LSU's Statement of Revenues and Expenses disclosing a $4 million loss over the last year. 

 The women's basketball team faced a nearly $8 million program deficit. 

The expenses increased to over $10.3 million, with a substantial amount going to coaches' salaries and bonuses, virtually doubling the program's earnings.

The program's revenue for last year was just less than $2.5 million, indicating the team's financial difficulties.

 Despite these issues, LSU's football team continues to earn a significant chunk of the department's revenue, totaling around $105.7 million last year.

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