Optical Illusion Challenge: Spot The Different Umbrella In This Image In 5 Second

I can't display images, but I can certainly describe an optical illusion for you! Imagine a colorful image with several umbrellas arranged in a pattern.  

Each umbrella is identical except for one, which has a distinct difference compared to the others. 

To spot this difference in 5 seconds, you'd need to focus sharply on the details of each umbrella. 

Here's a scenario: Picture a scene with a row of eight vibrantly colored umbrellas standing against a backdrop of a sandy beach. 

They're arranged in a sequence of red, blue, yellow, green, red, blue, yellow, and... the outlier, the one that's different from the rest. 

The challenge lies in noticing the subtleties amid the similar appearance of these umbrellas. You might be looking for differences in patterns, colors, 

or even small details like the tilt of the umbrella or the number of segments in the design. 

For instance, among the red, blue, yellow, and green umbrellas, the odd one out could be the blue umbrella with white polka dots while the rest are solid-colored. 

Or perhaps, while most umbrellas have a straight pole, the outlier has a slightly curved handle. Another possibility might be that while the other umbrellas have a pointed tip, the different one has a rounded tip. 

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