Rumer Willis Shares Raw Update Video Amidst Her and Infant Daughter's Health 'Struggle'

Rumer Willis gave followers some real advise for dealing with health "struggles," as the actress understands personally how difficult life can be when your child is sick.

In an Instagram video posted on Sunday, Jan. 28, Demi Moore and Bruce Willis' eldest daughter talked up about the health challenges she and her daughter Louetta have had to deal with in recent weeks

"This year has already been a bit of a doozy health wise, Lou and I have struggled through two viruses 🦠 just in this month," she said in the post's caption. 

"And what I realise the universe was telling me was to slow down and focus on nourishing my immune system and my body."

"Remembering to do that is not always easy," she said, "so finding ways that I can squeak it in with even the smallest [amount] of time is what I look for."

The 35-year-old didn't go into great detail about her or her daughter's experiences fighting off not one, but two viruses—one of which she described.

"I have been using [Cymbiotika's] lipospheric vitamins for a while," she said. She added

 "They are so easy to take and I can bring them in my purse or diaper bag so even if I forget in the morning I can take it on the go."

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