Tarot Horoscopes for Every Zodiac Sign for November 26, 2023

A good friend can always be identified by the way they share and enjoy your happiness with you. You're about to get good news—the kind that shows you how the cosmos has been supporting you during a difficult time all along. Your anguish and sorrow will quickly pass.

You've made it through this, and you win!What happened to your faith? Silence cultivates a deeper trust in God. It's not always enough to keep your attention on what's good.

Faith is strengthened by times of solitude, selflessness, and distancing from material possessions that arouse greed. Your inner voice is always speaking; all you have to do is tune into your heart and shut out everything else.

Teaching others doesn't always need you to be in the front of the class. Being a good example in life is a kind of teaching by doing. Share the job you've done in life,

particularly if it's for a worthy cause. Post about your adventures on a blog. Create a TikTok account and share your opinions on a regular basis. Don't withhold your thoughts from others. 

Communicate honestly with them. You never know who you could positively impact in life.

Cancer, you can't always return the favour. You will occasionally need to put in work in order to improve your life and assist those who are in your former position. 

Don't let the fact that you might require more assistance than you would want to feel guilty about it. You will serve others with empathy and appreciation when things go better. You will be among those who genuinely care.


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