The 4 Dog Breeds With Blue Tongues

Some dogs naturally have blue, or black, tongues, but most have pink. Breed standards, which list breed features, require at least two breeds to have blue tongues. 

Chow chows and shar-peis always have blue tongues. The Eurasier and Thai ridgeback can have solid blue-black or black-spotted tongues. 

Mixed breeds and other breeds sometimes have blue or pink tongues with blue patches

The blue-black (gray) color is created by excess tongue pigmentation in some canines. This extra pigmentation is inherited in some breeds. 

Giraffes, polar bears, okapis, impalas, and blue-tongued skinks have blue tongues. Discover which dog breeds have blue tongues.

The Chinese shar-pei's wrinkly skin and hippopotamus-like bubbling muzzle make it readily recognized. A solid blue-black tongue is ideal for the shar-pei, however some have spots. 


Chow chow tongues should be uniform blue-black, darker the better. A speckled tongue disqualifies a chow chow. 

Chow Chow

The Eurasier, a juvenile dog breed produced in Germany in the 1970s from wolf spitz, samoyed, and chow chow mixes, some of which had solid or speckled blue tongues.


The uncommon Thai ridgeback was bred as a hunting and watchdog in Thailand around 300 years ago. Black tongue spots or solids are ideal. 

Thai Ridgeback

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