The  Best Christmas Bars In New York City

There are lots of ways to get into the holiday spirit in New York that don't involve being shoved by visitors or suffering icy conditions. 

Our favorite literal meaning of the phrase is downing our favorite spirits at colorful bars throughout the city. The holidays are taken quite seriously in New York 

Aside from the Rockefeller Center tree and the Saks Fifth Avenue light show, restaurants and bars in every borough convert into winter wonderlands. 

There's plenty for everyone, from festive décor to seasonal beverages to Santa sightings. 

We've picked up some of our favorite Christmas bars and pop-ups in New York City, whether you're staying in Times Square or planning a more low-key trip in Brooklyn.  

This list includes both thrilling new activities and time-honored holiday haunts that even Scrooge will enjoy. So,  

if you're going to be in the city over the holidays, gather your buddies (and your Santa gear) and check out these Christmas hotspots. 

Oscar Wilde boasts some of the city's best Christmas displays. Lights, ornaments, garlands, and life-sized stuffed polar bears add a Christmas touch to the Victorian-style establishment. 

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