The Most Popular Ice Cream Flavors In America

It is the year 1950. As a soda jerk slides down a delightful ice cream float made with Coca-Cola, you go across the black and white checkered floors, past the jukebox, 

and take a seat on one of the plush red bar stools. The ice cream shop has a special position in American history since it serves one of the country's most popular desserts.  

These are the most popular ice cream flavors in America, ranging from timeless classics like Vanilla or Strawberry to playful flavors like Birthday Cake or Moose Tracks. 

We guarantee that by the end of this list, you'll be grabbing a cone with a scoop (or several) in no time! 

The history of vanilla ice cream in America dates back to the founding fathers. Thomas Jefferson is credited with creating the first vanilla ice cream recipe in America.  

Vanilla is a treasured staple, whether it's on top of a pie, in a float, or eaten on its own. 

Chocolate is the second most popular ice cream flavor in the United States. However, there is no need to choose between the top two because they complement each other wonderfully. 

Though vanilla ice cream and Oreo cookies have been available in supermarkets since 1912, it took 67 years for someone to combine the two dishes. 

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