The top ten meals in American cuisine

When it comes to American food, the country is best recognized for what's described by phrases better suited to oily, grinding industrial output. 

 However, Americans have a voracious desire for nice things.

If life gives you limes, prepare Key lime pie instead of limeade. 

Key lime pie

We adore French fries, but for an American food twist on the potato theme, consider the Tater Tot, which is popular at Sonic drive-ins and school cafeterias across the country.

Tater tot

The chef's salad began in the East, but American culinary entrepreneurs working with lettuce in the West were not to be outdone.

Cobb salad

The childhood Sunday family dinner of baby boomers everywhere, pot roast claims a sentimental favorite place in the top 10 of American comfort foods.  

Pot roast

Take some range vaqueros and the cattle butchered to feed them. Include the discarded cuts of meat in the hands' take-home pay, and let cowboy ingenuity do the rest.


Like the banana makes it good for you. Still, kudos to whoever invented the variation of the sundae known as the banana split. 

Banana split

Cioppino (cho-pea-no), San Francisco's counterpart to French bouillabaisse, is a fish stew with an Italian twist.


Boiled or steamed alive – animal cruelty some insist – lobsters practically define a great Down East occasion.  

Lobster roll

If you’ve had it at Indian Market in Santa Fe or to a powwow or pueblo anywhere in the country, you’re probably salivating at the very thought. 

Indian frybread

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