There are 3 driving mistakes in this parking area; can you spot them within 18 seconds? 

Improper Parking Position:One common mistake is improper parking. This could include parking over the lines, occupying two parking spaces, or parking at an angle that obstructs other vehicles. 

It's important to park within designated spaces, ensuring there's enough room for other vehicles to park comfortably. 

Ignoring Traffic Signs or Markings:Another mistake is disregarding traffic signs or markings within the parking area. This might involve parking in areas designated as no-parking zones, fire lanes,  

or handicap spaces without authorization. Ignoring these signs can disrupt traffic flow and pose safety hazards. 

Reckless Maneuvering:Reckless driving within the parking area is a significant mistake. This might involve speeding, sudden acceleration, 

or making abrupt turns without checking for pedestrians or other vehicles. Such behavior can lead to accidents or endanger pedestrians in the parking lot. 

To successfully navigate a parking area, drivers should adhere to designated parking spots, follow traffic signs, and maneuver cautiously, ensuring the safety of pedestrians and other drivers.

Without a visual reference, it's challenging to pinpoint specific mistakes in a particular parking area within a given timeframe. 

However, these general errors are commonly observed in parking lots, contributing to traffic congestion, safety hazards, and inconvenience to other drivers. 

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