Today's horoscope is November 24, 2023.

Endings and beginnings, beginnings and endings. The cycle of life goes on, Taurus. 

And, right now, the forces are encouraging you to observe what has served its purpose; that which is ready to be released with joy and with love.

Writing the concluding chapter may stir up discomfort within.

Accept what is being shown to you as you remind yourself what you are making space for is far greater than what you’re leaving behind.

 They say there’s no transformation in the world that doesn’t begin with the person getting tired of their own BS. 

Capricorn, we have a hunch you completely understand what we're saying! You're at a moment in your path where you're more aware of your self-sabotaging habits.

than ever before, and this awareness is assisting you in transmuting what no longer serves your highest and greatest good.

So, darling, how do you feel compelled to alter the screenplay of your life? Something to ponder as you sip your morning chai.

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