Top 10 Cute And Uniques Baby Names


A clementine is a citrus fruit that translates to "merciful" in French. Nicknames include Clem, Clemmie, Menty, Minty, and Tini.


A popular name in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Cora means "maiden" in Greek. Ora, Cori, Cory, and Corie are all nicknames.


The nickname Demi is derived from the names Demeter and Demetria. Demetria is the Greek goddess of the Earth, so this is ideal for any parent who enjoys the outdoors.


Elle is French for "girl," and Ellie is a common nickname for Elle. Ellen, Helen, Helena, Eloise, and Eleanor are other popular nicknames.


The name Elodie is derived from the Greek for "white blossom" and is a unique and uncommon name. Nicknames include Odie, Elle, and Ellie.


Are you a fan of Jane Austen's work? Then you may have considered the name Emma, which is short for Emmeline in German.


Evie is a lovely nickname that meaning "life" in Celtic. It is short for Evelyn or Evalyn. Evelyn was a popular name for men before the twentieth century, but it is now more popular for women.


Isla, a Scandinavian name that means "light-bearer," Isla is becoming increasingly popular. It's a sweet name that should be pronounced EYE-LA (the "S" is silent).


Kiki is a nickname for any "K" name, including Katherine, Kristina, and Kate. A kiki is a social gathering or party, therefore if you want your daughter to be a social butterfly, consider this name!


The lily is a popular flower, and the name has recently become a cute option. It can also be spelled Lilly, Lili, Lilli, or Lillie. The blossom symbolized purity or fertility.

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