What Jennie Garth Did to Lose Thirty Pounds

Star of Beverly Hills, 90210 Jennie Garth famously recovered her life and lost thirty pounds in a few months. The actress, 51, is enjoying her finest decade to date.

It's hard to describe, because every time you hit a milestone birthday, it's another range of emotions," she told New Beauty. "It was much more thrilling once. 

t's like, Alright, let me work this out now.However, reaching 50 isn't what it once was. Since I'm constantly on the go, energetic, and juggling a lot of things, I really feel like I just turned thirty.

I feel like I'm handling everything so much better now, and I can't wait to be fifty." This is how Garth shed thirty pounds and what Her current wellness regimen.

After turning 41 and realizing she was unhappy with her health and appearance, Garth shed thirty pounds. 

The actress lost the weight and kept it off by combining strict diet and vigorous exercise. According to Garth, "I've been working out really hard," to Health.

Three days a week, I work out with a trainer using weights. Actually, I hardly ever sit down. Well, that's the secret, all right. It isn't just lying around.

Garth eats a well-balanced diet of plants. "[For breakfast] I eat oats in almond milk, and add almond slivers, blueberries, strawberries, chia seeds on top," she told The Beet. However, I consume the oats immediately after covering them with oat milk, even before they become tender. 

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