Yoga's Top 6 Astrological Secrets

Suspicion Is In Their Blood Virgoes have a good eye for detail, so they are quick to see discrepancies or red flags. 

Their suspicion is usually well-founded, stemming from their analytical temperament. 

Scorpios are naturally wary since their keen intuition alerts them to any deviations from the norm. 

Capricorns are driven by realism, so they always ask questions to make sure they're making well-informed choices. 

Perceptive or Cautious: They exercise a perceptive suspicion that stems from a need for rational explanations. 

Pisceans are able to perceive concealed motives because of their empathic nature, which can lead to suspicion. 

The sharpness of their emotional acuity gives them a healthy dose of wariness. 

Suspicion Is In Their Blood: Aquarians' Analytical Minds Make Them Question Authority. 

Written by Betty D July 23, 2020