Zodiac Signs & Serial Killers: Who Is Most Likely to Murder?

With Halloween just a few weeks approaching, a lot of people are focusing on the astrological as well as the spooky and frightening. We studied the zodiac signs of serial killers (the ones we know about, anyhow; 

 we specialise in astrology). Even the most astute and knowledgeable psychiatrists, professors, and criminologists in the world struggle to identify the factors that contribute to serial killing,

 despite decades of intensive research on the topic. Is it nature or nurture, or a combination of the two?

Interest in this peculiar breed of violent criminal is strong at all times, but it's especially strong during this season, 

and real crime attracts large audiences to podcasts, TV series, and films. Whether the cases are closed, still open, or solved, interest is at an all-time high.

Are most of them cunning Libras or furious Leos? We looked at over 500 documented serial killers from all across the world to see.

 which indicators could be overrepresented among some of the most infamous murderers in recorded history. (See our whole process at the bottom of this page.)

Four signs make for over 40% of serial killers: Scorpio, Pisces, Sagittarius, and Cancer. That puts an end to any beliefs about Geminis being deceitful and scheming as together, Gemini and Taurus barely make up 11%.

Capricorn born killers claimed more victims overall and on average than those born under any other sign. Together, they claimed the lives of almost 800 individuals, or 19 on average; the Virgo murderers had the lowest average, with seven victims apiece.

Additionally, keep in mind that the signs associated with water—Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio—accounted for the greatest percentage of both victims and killers in our research, with 27% of victims and 28% of killers.

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